Ms. iMiss

I miss a lot of things. A lot of people, specifically. They’re all just a phone call - an email… even a block away. But for some reason the urge to call & let them know how much I miss them gets trumped by something… can’t put my finger on it. I’m obviously missing something here. Ya, I don’t have a phone at the moment but that’s almost a too in-your-face of an excuse (excuses. hate em)… not to mention pathetic. Could it be… the fear of breaking the news to them? That my attempt to change my ways &… “find myself” has yet again… failed? Ya, this time around there’s been progress. At the same time though… it’s almost like I forget about the growth & there I am again… back at square one. I’m a guppy fish… with short-term memory that lasts for only about a day or two. A short-term memory guppy with insomnia… living in a cloud of jelly fish blocking me from the rest of civilization. Call me nemo?

I miss my family. 

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